Welcome to my news-and-other-interesting-stuff blog. It’s safe to say you’ll find everything from politics to Doctor Who to weird and wonderful random stuff here. Feel free to comment/share (though you’ll probably want to share original links rather than links to the blog at FB, etc).

For reasons unknown to man or god, this theme doesn’t show any indication that it’s possible to leave comments or that any exist (aside from the “Recent Comments” bit of the sidebar, over —> there). But you can, and they do! Just click on the post title and you’ll be able to scroll down to leave/read them. I’m trying to figure out how to include a “Leave a comment” and “3 commments” link, but until then, that’ll have to do.

Comments are also where I’m leaving my own thoughts on articles, at least for now. It makes posting much less cumbersome, though there is a tool I’m testing that might allow me to change that. Stay tuned!