Does Facebook Even Know How to Control Facebook?

Regulate the hell out of it, or take it down.

And then there are the axioms that undergird the product. Facebook has never fully laid them out, but there are three that I feel confident advancing:

1. Facebook Inc. should not determine what is true and what is false information.
2. Engagement measures quality of content.
3. The most engaging content should be spread to the most people.

Each of these axioms structures the media ecosystem as we know it. These are the ground rules governing the actual product development at Facebook, and therefore the ground rules for the evolving use of Facebook by everyone else. These rules makes sense for how Facebook was created: It was a way to connect friends. And why should some company try to factcheck your father-in-law’s posts? That would be crazy.

But, given Facebook’s global, massive expansion, if you just stare at these axioms for a moment, you might see why the company might be encountering—and genuinely trying to solve—“information integrity” problems.

Source: Does Facebook Even Know How to Control Facebook?