Well, that’s disappointing/the future of this blog

I discovered last night that WordPress has decided to eliminate the handy extension that has made sharing articles here so easy for the past two months. Well, they haven’t eliminated it entirely. I can still use one particular variation that will automatically put a link to an article into a new post. But that’s it. Quoting, images, etc. I would have to handle myself.

That’s a lot more hoops than what I’ve been doing, and I’m not really that interested in jumping through them, if I’m completely honest.

As a result, I’m considering calling it a day here and just offering friends the direct link to my Pocket account, where you’ll find things I’ve been finding interesting–including a lot of stuff I’ve never posted here because I am but the one person and have only so many hours I can devote to reading everything that crosses my path that looks worthwhile. You probably won’t find commentary, but you may find a lot more good stuff. And the occasional dud.

The only catch is that you may have to have a Pocket account for that link to work. I’m not really sure, and they don’t seem to be terribly forthcoming about how following people works. If someone wants to give it a try, let me know and I’ll send you the link.

2 Replies to “Well, that’s disappointing/the future of this blog”

  1. Well, that’s disappointing.

    Lately seems like technology gives with one hand — stuff we don’t want and wish we could do without — and takes with the other — stuff we’re using daily.

    I just got a new laptop for work, and the hoops I’m jumping through feel unnecessarily arduous (sigh).

    Can’t blame you for wanting WordPress to behave better.

  2. Yeah, it was rather jarring to try to share an article and instead find myself staring at a blank box telling me that the plugin has “been deprecated” and I should remove it from my browser. Um, what??

    I’m clearly not the only one who’s unhappy about this, but the decision has been made and I’m not sure much can be done about it. The remaining version is such a shadow of its former self that it’s barely worth calling it the same thing.

    Turns out sharing Pocket is not entirely easy, either, unless you’re sharing with someone who already has an account. There’s another service that will give you a public link to everything on your list, but it eliminates tags, so the other person can’t sort by topic, and it seems you have limited control over what is and isn’t shared. GAH.

    The only other idea I have is a Flipboard magazine, but that requires the Flipboard app… sigh.

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